Tuesday, April 18, 2006

first fish bits the dust

Well gold fish one died today. Dathen got to scoop him out and put him on a paper towel, and we put him in the garbage. I was not sure what kind of questions Dathen was going to ask or how I was going to answer them, Kev and I had read up on this when we first got the fish knowing that one day it would happen and the best advice we read was let the child ask the questions and answer just the question no more. So Dathen asked, "why is he dead"... my said "I don't know why he is dead", "I want the other fish out too" "no sweety he is not dead, you see him swimming around" "We need new baby fishy for him" "lets just injoy the one we have"
"ok, can I have another easter egg?"
And that was that, not to sceary, nothing I could not answer. We will see what happens in the days to come.
On I forgot to mention it was the little goldy that died, dathen did not mention if it was goldy kyler or goldy dathen...I did not ask.

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Heather said...

Glad to hearDathen took the losing of the fish.
You nevesr know with childen how they will reacte to the lose of a pet. Sometimes the parents get more concered than the child this is life. You handled it perfectly