Monday, May 08, 2006

to my bloging public

To my bloging fans, no I have not been eaten by a gaint black hole never to see the light of the computer again, more like I have been eaten by the gaint ball of flames in the sky that keeps my kids out side from 8 in the morning till 8 at night. Summer is here there for we are not. Dathen wakes to the sun with one thought on his mind, can I go out side yet? It s fight to get him dressed, eat anything, never mind healthy, or wait for me and kyler to have gotten going yet.
They say the summer day is longer... THEY LIE!!!! I don't have more time, I have less time to do anything. But I am enjoying it. I bought a new bike and trailer for me and the boys. I love it!! I try to ride everyday, and now that we live in Brandon were everthing is so close I ride all kinds of places. Play group, the mall, friends houses, 7-11, one day we may try dads work but not for awhile. I need to get in to shape.
Dathen got a new bed tonight and he is really really excited about it. Kev and I found a bunk bed frame out by the garbage, its been there for a week, all the parts are there and there is nothing wrong with it so I asked the care taker and he said if no one took it by tonight he was going to toss it in the garbage tomorow. Well kev and I just swooped that right up and dathen wanted to sleep in it tonight so... we put it together. I wonder if he will stay in his own bed tonight, he is sleeping on the top bunk.
Well sorry this is not a big up date but as I have said my days are shorter then ever and I need sleep if I am going to keep up with my 2. hope everyone is well.
Oh and just in case I had a little time I am opening my own business called the purple poodle.

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