Monday, April 17, 2006

I don't want to pee like a cow!!

Well we knew it was going to happen one day. On the way home from Winnipeg Dathen had to go pee. We are 40 minutes from Brandon and not a bathroom in site, thats ok his a boy he can pee at the side of the road. Well... when we suggested it he looked at us like we were crazy!! You dont pee on the side of the road, so we suggested we pee in the grass, "I don't want to pee like a cow" he says. Well kev and I try not to laugh to hard we try to explain that its ok on road trips to pee in the grass like a cow. So he agrees to stand just out side his door and pee into the grass. Still not sure about this idea but he really had to go so he did. He was not sure about it all even after he got back in the car, and I told him he did a good job. So we left it alone. I wonder what will happen next time....
They boys and us had a great time in wpg. thanks to all the family and friends. We got to see lots of people and eat lots of great food. Now for a week of trying to get back to normal... laudry, baths, dinners, bed times, all that stuff.

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Heather said...

that is so cute.