Tuesday, May 09, 2006

By By Purple Poodle

well after talking to the goverment today I think The Purple Poodle will be put on hold for a few years. I was haveing a hard time with child care for Kyler, Dathen would do great at daycare but I am not ready to sent Kyler. And in my heart I want to stay home with my boys for a few more years. so I found out I can do that and still quilify for all the goveremtn programs later. So I will one day open my own shop just not this year.
Dathen loved his bed!! He stayed in it all night! except to go pee which he needed help getting down. It was late and he was tiered so kev went and helped him. Other then that he gets up and down on his own. we really need to by him a new matteres for it. his toddler size one is a little small.


Bill_ and_Gerda said...

Sounds like you doing good. Good for you be proud and carry your head high. You have two beautifull boy's
love them to pieces before you know it they will grownup. love auntie Gerda

Jennifer Pollack said...

The Purple Poodle Huh! That is a great name. And I am aloud to design your logo right.