Tuesday, June 06, 2006

B and E

Well I hope people don't look down at me for my parenting, and I know other moms will totaly understand how this can happen.....
Dathen and his good friend Jack who leves just a few doors away love to play together. Deb (jacks mom) and I have set the rules as to how far the boys can go. From Jacks house to Dathens house, we can see them most of the way and they are usally so loud we can hear them.
So the other day all 4 parents are sitting out side and the boys are riding there bikes back and forth something they do all the time. I looked at Deb and asked if she could see the boys, she looked over, nope but they would not be far, she had to got put the potatos on for dinner anyway so she would go check. I needed to start dinner too, so I went inside and Deb went to check them. A moment later kev sticks his head in and askes if the boys are in here, no I replay relizing they were not at Debs either. I turn dinner off and head out the door after kev. He jumps on his bike hands Deb a walky talky and says I'm going to the park across the street you go to the bike path, and they are both gone. Terry (Jacks dad) has Kyler and is headed for his house again. I don't want to panic but.....Where the hell are they!! I walk (run) to the street I relize I am not helping I start to head back to Terry so I can find a way to help when Dextor and naborhood kids says "we found them". What,,,Where, I'll hug him then kill him then kiss him then yell at him.... where is he........
Terry comes down his stars, "they were on our bed watching cartoons eating anamil creacker"
"with salt" says dathen with a big smile on his face.
Deb did not think to check inside the house because it was locked, so how did they get in, apperently they brook in. They piled the weather striping off the window and pulled the screen off the window and crawled in side. the little monsters, B&E at 3 years of age, what other truble are they going to get into.
After we all had a good laugh, we sat them down and talk about what happened and I hope they got it. as for us we will keep a little closer eye on the boys.

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Blondie said...

Oh my girl! Every parents worst nightmare. You all did the right thing. Mobilize and search! What a great outcome. I love the life lessons that end in a "boy it could have been worse" scenario. Don't ever blame yourself - 3 year old boys have a way of finding the best hiding spots, the most dangerous toys and they can do it all in the blink of an eye. Sleep with one eye open for the next, oh, lets say 25 years!!!