Monday, July 31, 2006

lots to say

There is alot to say and a little time to update everyone. lets see first to grandpa petursson, your monkey shirt is such a hit that Jackson Dathens best friend asked his grandma for one and of course got it. So now all they want to wear is "the monkey shirt".
To grandma and gramps pratt we are down to one gold fish. the big one died this weekend. Dathen flushed him all by himself.
We had a great weekend camping at spirt sands with my brother in law and his wife and kids and aunty Heidi. We had a really good time. Dathen wants to do it again. in fact he want to live there with them. Poor kid misses family.
We got a new van today, a 2001 ford winstar. we are really happy about it and can not wait to try it on a road trip, even if its just to wpg. Kyler is crawling like the wind, he is getting into all kinds of trouble!
like I said not much time its bed time for the kids got to go and read them book them I am not far behind them. camping all ways tiers me out. talk to you all soon

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