Wednesday, January 24, 2007

home alone

Today is the first day I have been left alone at home since my surgarey and so far so good. As long as I don't do alot and use my back pack to get things from one room to another things are going good. Dathen is being so understanding that I cannot get down to play with him. Kyler on the other hand is really starting to show the stress of it all. At night he is not setteling down and keeps kev up till 11 or so and is up and fussing a few times in the night. Poor kev he needs more sleep. as soon as I can he is going to get to sleep in!
The boys are at a friends house today, I sure miss them!! i know they were going to start going to daycare soon, but i really miss them. It makes me glade that I am still nursing Kyler. Some people may think he is to old, other may not. But for us its the best way it could be. i think if i didn't nurse him right now he would not come and see me when he gets home ( I am no fun just sitting there)
I know I keeped trying to wean him, i hate getting up in the middle of the night still, but for this week I am glade he still needs me for that. I like the cuddle time.
The house does not look like its going to happen, we can not sublet this place :( its hart breaking. and I don't know what our plan is now for my business either. It hard knowing we are STUCK here just beacuse they did not offer us a little pice of paper when we first moved in that we did not know was avaliable. They have this claws you can sign that says if you buy a house they well let you out of your lease with 2 months notice, but you have to sign when you first move in and you have to ask for it, so you have to know they offer it. how DUMB!
Well I better go back to bed and rest, I want to better asap, I miss life!


Anonymous said...

mom sending Hugs
Sorry about house.
wish i could walk their.
no rules on breastfeeding.
double hugs

Anonymous said...

Oh, my beautiful niece, I feel so bad for you. Since I have been through it myself and so has your cousin, we can really understand.
But that does not help. I feel so useless, as I have over so many years with Deb, I wish I was closer. It was really hard to drive right on by you last week. I know how much you needed a hug. Just one of those times when cercumstances get in the way.
I think of you every day. Kev is such a great husband and I know he is doing his best with the boys.
You will get past this and laugh at yourself sometime in the near future. In the mean time, just know how much we all love you. Your are a great mom and they boys will not be permanetly hurt in any way over this episode. THey get over things and forget very fast. They have tooooo much to find out about life and are just toooooo busy to dwell on it all.
THinking of you and sending a very big hug and kiss.
A. M

Not Jenny said...

I am so sorry about the house. How disappointing. (Also, can I say that is kind of underhanded for your landlord to not mention this paper when you signed the lease? Not cool!)

I'm here for you...


Blondie said...

Chin up kiddo. I truly believe everything happens for a reason. It might take only a short while to figure it out, or might be months or years, but eventually it will all make sense.

Your mom is right. No rules on breastfeeding. People still look at me as if I have 2 heads when I tell them how long the girls nursed.

You are the mom - you get to make the decisions. And from what I can see you make great decisions all the time! Every day you will get stronger - thinking of you...