Thursday, February 08, 2007

New house

Ok so now I think I told most people in person or on the phone and if I forgot you I am really sorry but things are happening really fast. WE GOT A HOUSE!! A fully ours no renting house, we dont even ren the hot water tank. This is really big for kev and me we have never owned ahouse before, are for awhile there we didn't think we ever would. But we do now and we are moving in next weekend. Next weekend ahhh.... I am still not fully walking after my knee surgary but from the time we found out about the house to move date is 13 days!! Ahhhhhh........
But we can do this the boys are big helps. They love packing up there toys. Well Kyler just likes putting things in boxes and Dathen wants to make sure nothing gets left behined. The boys are going to share a room now. Dathen says he is excited about this. We will see how this goes once we are there.
The shop is a go now to and open for appontments March 19th or sooner depending on how fast I can get my equipment, and how soon people start to call for an grooming.
There is alot to do in a few days. Luckly we can come back to clean in the weeks to come, be don't need to be out of here untill the first of march.

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Not Jenny said...

Congratulations!!!!! I am so happy for you!