Tuesday, January 23, 2007


Poor Dathen, Kyler is just the right hight now to hit him were it hurts the most. Yesterday the boys were fighting over a toy and Kyler got made and like he does he got physical about it. Kyler leaned over and bit dathen, right on the peines. Poor little guy. Well Kyler got a time out and
Dathen got a really really big hug and I tryed really hard not to laugh. Because I can not move very fast I saw the whole thing. Kyler is just the right hight to bit there, he did not reach or bend to do it it was just conveniont.
Oh come on guys its a little funny, i know the girls are laughing.
Dathen is just fine and they were off playing again in 10 mi, And this time dathen shared the toys :)


Anonymous said...

Your sense of humor is NOT acceptable. I'll chalk it up to pain and being sick and tired of being sick and tired!

I trust the second visit to the Doc. was convincing where he said "you are in pain because your did too much too soon!!

PLEASE take care of my little girl!

Grandpa said...

A few months ago it would have been knee caps. A few months from now Dathen will have to be concerned about his belly button.

Maybe Dathen will prefer to keep his pants on now. :)

Anonymous said...

You are right it is hard not to laugh. Glad all ended well.