Thursday, February 08, 2007

Kyler and water

I know I was a water baby but I think Kyler goes one step further! everytime the water runs in the bathroom he runs for it! If I try to have a shower and he is in the house, he comes in and wil scream till I let him in the shower with me. Kevin Dathen does not matter if the water is going its playtime for him. If the kitchen sink is running he wants up to get his hands in it. He is going to make a great dog bather one day. Kidding!
He also LOVES to dance. Any kind of music will do, even a phone with a fun ring to it. He loves to dance, and fall down.
Dathen is growing up fast, he is starting to print his own name with the help of the letters being dotted out. It really net to see. He also is memrizing stories at school to tell us when he gets home. Its cute to see him work so hard at tell us a storie.

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