Friday, January 11, 2008

giving blood

So I try to donate blood yesterday. I did ok I guess, I don't know if they got enough out of me for any good, but they say they did. I was a little scared but did good. They had to stop because my hand was getting tingle and cold. They were a little worried about not enough blood flow. I am going to try again I think.
They suggested I go to the doc first to make sure its ok, I have low blood presher, I figured that would be a good thing all we ever hear about is how bad high blood presher is. So if hight is bad, low is good right? I guess I have to go find out.
People asked me why I did it yesterday, my answer was "my mom did it, and now its my turn to give a little." hope to make you proud mom.

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Anonymous said...

congratulations Cheryl
i tried to give blood too.
but did not have enough iron in my blood.