Thursday, May 29, 2008

Be glad your not me

Well with everyone loving the bird story I thought I should add another, glade I am not her story to the month.
Monday was NOT my day!! lets see I woke up to the dog getting sick on the rug on my side of the bed, and while getting up to clean it, I found with my foot a mess from earlier in the night. That is ok I am having a shower anyway, so off I go. Ok kids are feed, and ready for daycare, but wait Dathen tells me he is not feeling well and wants to stay home. After explaining 100 times if he stays home there is no tv or playing it will up to his room by himself the whole day and no soccer that night he still wants to stay home. Well we still need to take Kyler to daycare so off we go, by this time again we have to take the car because I don't want to risk being late. Drop Kyler off, come home with Dathen and send him to his room. Well that laster 15 min and he was down telling me he was felling good and wanted to go to daycare, ok now I have to decide if I have time to take him before my first dog, so I risk it and take him. I was wrong, I was not back in time. (Lucky for me it is a good client and I was able to get them in again latter in the week.)

So now I have some time to clean my shop, and as I am doing this I notice the water is not running out of my tub, its not draining, oh no. I run to superstore and pick up a clog clearer thing, tried that it does not work and my second (first) dog shows up, its a samoid, for those that don't know they are REALLY big with LOTS of hair!! And my tub is not draining. So I call Kev and we brain storm on what to do, and this is what we came up with; Put the kiddie pool under the tub and open the trap under to let the water drain into the tub then use the hose to sifen the water to the yard. Not bad but my room is not that big and now I have a kiddie pool in the middle of it. I take off my shoes and socks and have to stand in the dog bath water to get the dog clean, but I did it. I finish the dog and had some time to try to clear the clog. I never got it really cleared so I worked like this all day!!

I totally forgot I had a student coming this week to see what grooming was all about. oh and she is deaf so she brings a worker with her (the mayors wife by the way), so now I have 2 extra bodies in the shop with a kiddie pool, a hose running out the door, and a tub that does not work.

My first dog after lunch is late and gets here at 2:00 the same time as another dog, so now I have 2 dogs to do in one hour.
I do it, I am not sure how but I did it!

Dinner time, go get the kids, we have soccer and I forgot to take out anything for dinner, something has to give and that is dinner, so I go to KFC. Only for Dathen to complain we does not like it all the way home and it stinks! AHHHHHHH!!!!

We get home, eat dinner (Dathen does eat it in the end,) and off to soccer we go. Oh wait I have a meeting tonight at 7:00 and soccer ends at 7:00 how can I be 2 places at once,.........
Again I do it, I got a ride from the soccer field with another soccer mom going to the same meeting, so the two of us showing up late was better then one. (in our minds)
HOME again BED has never looked so great!!!!, WHAT A DAY. oh no I forgot to call the plummer...., I have to do it again tomorrow,...........


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the wonderful world of parenthood!!!! Great ain't it :)

Some people might sday "payback time" ....but not me!

I can identify and love you all the more for the expoeriences you are enjoying

DAD Pratt

Anonymous said...

take care of yourself