Thursday, May 29, 2008

got to love kids

So you have read about my bad day now this is the next day, after all the stress I have a migraine all day and have a full day of dogs and people coming in and out, dogs, cleaners, students and workers, plumbers they all came at the same time I swear that is what it felt like.
The kids come home and have there bath for the night out side in the kiddie pool with dad, he even used warm water for them. What a great dad they did not even mind being washed, well not to much anyway.
I am in the dark trying to make my head stop hurting. Later that night Dathen asked how to spell "hug" then a min later how to spell "family" then "all". What are you doing I ask, "just wait" he answers and leaves again. He comes back with a note he has written that says, "hug all family Dathen" He says its because I was not feeling well he wanted to give me a big hug from the whole family. Well I image how my head started to feel better enough to read bed time stories after that. Got to love having kids.


Anonymous said...

3 little words from your oldest that make the world better and all the pain and crazyness worth while.

A really happy and proud grandpa and Dad!

Thora said...

hi cheryl

OMG I have just read the last 3 blogs and laughed myself silly. The bird story was hillarious and the salon story scary and funny. I am so glad Dathen is the best headache cure ever. I know every time I see Dathen and Kyler I just melt!!!!! so does Amma!!!!

Thanks so much for these blogs - they are fantastic and look forward to every new adventure of the Brandon Peturssons.

Hugs from Aunty Thora