Thursday, November 27, 2008

So Dathen got to spend his birthday money and to let you all know what he got I thought I would blog about it. First he got a sled from toys r us, then saved the rest of his money till we got home. Then on a trip to walmart he decided he wanted fish. So he bought 2 gold fish there names are "Goldie" (number 3 I think) and "not like cat". He feeds them everyday and is very proud that they are all his. He still has money left and I think I might be used on Pokemon this weekend.
He also had a great party at Ruckers with his friends. It was lots of fun, I would do that again. Of course he is now at the age for parties all I really do is cut the cake and tell them where the bathroom is. :)
This is the weekend of Santa pics at the shop. I am very excited The Purple Poodle has been in the paper, on the radio, and mentioned on tv for the last 2 weeks. This is the best free advertising I could have done!
The appointments are coming in nicely to keep me busy!

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Anonymous said...

Glad Dathen had fun spending the birthday cash. That is what it is for! So are the cats eyeing up the goldfish yet?
I can certainly see where Dathen would need more poky mon!!!

Congrats on the brilliant move of Santa pics. (how could one expect anything less from a brilliant daughter?
So lets see: That is rabbits, fish, cats and dogS. Ever think about a monkey?