Sunday, April 12, 2009

What did you do for easter

So our family did something very different for Easter, we made ROCKETS!!

Then on Easter morning the bunny left us a letter say:"Its time to stretch your legs and find those hidden eggs.
Look high and low but just so you know,
they are all in the kitchen and the living room.
Bye bye for now I have to zoom,
to the next house quite as a mouse,
its only fair
they get their share.

From the Easter Bunny,
oh and i hope your day is supper sunny!"
(hey i only had 10 min to come up with it)
Then the kids found all the eggs and bubble stuff.

Then they blow bubbles in the bathroom (its raining out side, thanks Easter bunny our day is not supper sunny).

And Dathen got bubble stuff in his eyes so we had to flush that really good which he did not like! We got have the kitchen wet trying to get his eye.

But now we are just injoying good old family time.
Hope you all have as good an Easter.

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