Saturday, May 29, 2010

Rainy weekends

Got to love a few rainy days home with the kids. You get nothing done, the kids start trying to kill each other, husband and wife are ready to rip out there hair. Its enough to make you want to yell.
But instead of yelling we just turned on the t.v. I think my kids thought it was heaven, they got to watch a movie in the middle of the day followed by a 20 min show. They never get more then 2 hours of t.v. a day. Except Friday when they get there morning t.v. and its movie night with dinner. But today I was not feeling well, Kev is tiered from driving to WPG and back last night, so I thought we deserved it. And I look at it this way, the fact that my kids think its a BIG treat to watch t.v. in the middle of the day and its not the norm, means I am doing something right...right?
Oh and for those that wanted to know, Dathen got his teeth out with out a problem, he even came home and grabbed his bag yelling he was going to be late for school and took off with out so much as a high to me. I guess it was a bigger deal to me then him.
The tooth fair will be leaving $3 a tooth for those ones.

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