Saturday, July 31, 2010

Camp for the boys starts

So both boys are away at Petursson camp this week. This is the first of 13 days they will be away from us. First they are off to Rushing River with Grandparents, Roger, Darcey and cousins and Heidi and a friend. During they day they will be attending a day camp in Kenora and at night back to the camp site with the family.
Kyler is 4 and Dathen is 7 right now. Just so one day when they ask how old they were when they started sleeping away I can tell them. Now they both have birthdays in the next 3 months but that is beside to point, they are still young. But they will always be young to me.
So what have we done with not kids.... not much. We worked at the shop fixing a few things, Kevin cut the grass, and eat dinner out. That is it. I am not sure how we are going to fill the next 2 weeks?
Deep in my hearts of hearts I hope Kyler wants to come home after Rushing River and does not want to stay with Grandma in WPG for 4 days. But I also don't want them to have to drive him out to us just to put him in daycare.
After this trip to camp Petursson we are going to pick up the boys and go on our own holiday for a week as a family. Something we have never done before for a whole week. I can not wait and am a little afraid I will not want to come back.

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Not Jenny said...

My kids are away for the next two weeks too. They do it every year from the time they are weaned from the boobie. You will find stuff to do! We plan home improvement projects, I am running a marathon, we are going to a concert, we are doing nothing, we are doing "it" whenever the heck we want to!

Enjoy your time!

PS--I am so glad to see you blogging again!