Sunday, July 25, 2010

Dathen from camp

So we got to pick up Dathen from camp yesterday. And I think he might have been happyer to see his brother then me. He came over gave his brother a big hug and I gave them both a hug and he was off again. Don't get me wrong I am happy he is so comfortable away from me, but I wonder if he is a little to comfortable some times. He says he had a good time but like always its like pulling teeth to get him to tell me what he did all week. Even when I ask specific questions his answers is " I don't know". But he seems happy, tiered but happy so that is a good thing, and he says he wants to go again.
So now he is home for 5 mornings and then he is off again to camp Cousin in rushing river. Roger and Darcey are taking him for a week and then they (both boys are going) stay with Grandparents until we pick them up a week later.
I will miss them but I think they will have a good time.

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