Wednesday, August 11, 2010

How to look good naked

Have you seen the show how to look good naked? If you are a women any age, any shape, living anywhere in the world, you must take a look. This show should be shown to young girls in school, where a lot of our image problems start. The host is great, the guest are real and what they say is 100% true!! We need to love our bodies, no matter what size or shape. One thing they say a lot is the body is just a shell, we need to feel better about that shell. We often see our bodies completely incorrect. We place our bodies in our mind 1-2 sizes bigger then what we are, we make what we consider flaws 30% bigger then they really are, and see our over all image larger then what is real.
Every women should make it part of there week to watch this show once even if its a repeat, until they see themselves for what they really are. BEAUTIFUL!
Thank you to the makers of the show and the host for putting this out there and I hope you keep up the great work for years to come.

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