Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Summer with out the ER?

I knew it could never happen, a summer with out a trip to the ER. This time thankfully it was not to bad. But once again it was Kyler. I will fill you in one the back story here. We are lucky enough to have very giving in-laws who lent us there pop up trailer for part of the summer. And the first time we set it up the kids were playing as kids do, and Kyler got his thumb jammed in the door. After some, ok a lot of tears and kisses, we could see his thumb nail was going to fall off some time. But everone told us just to leave it alone it would do it on its own time. So that is what we did....
We went camping a few weeks later. By this time Kyler has mostly for gotten about his finger and uses his thumb like normal. We had even been to the beach the day before with it. And then it happened, the nail that was now sticking up got caught on his pants and he ripped it more off.
The scream that came out the that child's mouth was enough to stop the world spinning! It certainly stopped mine. I went running to him for find more blood and tears for the thumb. I knew that this nail had to come off but there was no way I was going to do or let Kevin do it, so off we went to the nearest hospital on a Sunday morning. The closest one was in Glenboro only 10 Min for the camp ground we were at in Spruce Woods.
And lucky for us there was no wait. We got in and out in less then 30 min. and were at the local school playground with in 1 hour of the whole thing starting.
I will tell you there is nothing in the world like having to hold your child and LET someone hurt him. Even knowing its all for the best.
But its out of the way now, there should be no more trips this year. If we keep the record of one a year for Kyler.

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