Saturday, August 14, 2010

Day one all done

Well we made it to Duluth or almost to Duluth last night. Things did not go to bad a few bumps in the plans but not to bad. The kids did not travel as far as we hoped with out stops, but we hope to fix that today by setting up the car a little different.

We got to see Paul Bunyan Animal Farm yesterday. It was a lot of fun, but the camera was not charged, so we had to buy a disposable one and use a film camera. Try explaining that to the kids. They kept asking to see the pictures right after we took them. We did get to feed the animals, most by putting the food down a tub and they would come and get it, but that was still cool. Raccoons, bears, lemurs, and porcupines were some of the animals. But the deer for me were the best! You walk into a yard full of deer and they come up to you looking for food. As soon as they know you have some they will not leave you alone! You could pet them and everything, some you even had to get pushy with to get there nose out of the food bucket! It was great and I think worth the stop.

Kyler was the hardest to travel with, he kept do the whole "how much further". And of course does not know how long one hour is never mind 3 hours. Dathen did better, he is good at keeping himself busy for most of the ride. We will have to see how today goes, we have another 6 hours or so in the car to get to the Dells.

Last night we stayed at a KOA camp ground. We got here at 8:45 pm. It was getting dark and the ground is VERY wet. But we got set up with out getting to wet or fighting at all, even being as tiered as we were. They have a pool and games room the boys are going to want to check out today I am sure, but we can not stay to long we need to get back on the road.

As you can tell by the time of morning, I did not sleep great last night. My allergies are worse then ever and I am waiting for the pills to work. But that is ok I have a few min. to myself in the quite. They boys seem to be sleeping well which is good, the better sleep the better we travel I hope. Time will tell.

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