Thursday, September 30, 2010

Kyler would like to send out a big thanks for all the money he got on his birthday, he went out this weekend and bought himself a colour changing car and hotwheel set. He is really enjoying it so thank you all who helped him buy it.
Kev was out smarted by a purse this week. My purse strap was all twisted up and I asked him if he could fix it, after almost 20 min at the dinner table he gave up, only to have me fix it in the car in about 2 min. He did help with an idea on how to fix it but i was the one that did it.
Dathen was in fight this weekend. He was playing at New Era with some friends from the neighbourhood I went home to start dinner and left them with a walky-talky. When the fight started Kyler came running home to tell me, and when Dathen was able to he called on the walkie-talkie. I don't think I have ran that fast in my life, but by the time I got to him the kids where gone. He was not hurt bad just shaken up, and I was proud of him for defending himself. He never did hit any of the other kids but he did swing at them. I told his teach of this and he is going to keep an eye on it. I did find out that one of the kids did try to say sorry to Dathen at school, but Dathen needs some time to forgive him. Which I said was understandable just not to hold the anger for long.
Hope this is the last fight for a long time. I am not silly I know that it is not the last.

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