Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Bad parents

Poor Kyler, he lost a baby tooth and was so excited! We put it in a bag and that night Dathen brought it up to him so he could put it under his pillow. He also told dad about it at story time. And off to dream land he went. Mom and Dad and a nice night and also went off to bed... see where this is going? The next morning when I went to wake up Kyler before I even saw it he was looking for his tooth fair money. Which the tooth fair had forgot to leave and the tooth she was to take is still sitting there. We tried to explain that tooth fair was just really busy but you could tell he was disappointed. Tooth fair also really bad so ended up leaving him $3 for one tooth.
We feel bad and I am hoping he will not remember this story other then to read it years from now and laugh.
We do love you Kyler! Losing your baby tooth is important, mom and dad are just a little forget full. 

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