Monday, March 04, 2013

Back in action

2 weeks ago we went sledding as a family in McGrayger and we had a little accident. I fell off the tub and was hit by another sledder, and ended up dislocating my shoulder. Lucky for us Auntie Shanna was with us and able to look after the kids while Kev took me to the hospital. Unfortunately I have been unable to type for the last few weeks. But I am back now and hope to keep up with writing now that I am off work for a week.
Lets see the story that pops to head is Dathens breakfast this morning. He really is a growing boy. After his bowl of cereal he was still hungry so went to the fridge and pulled out a tub of cooked but no seasoning ground beef. Kev had cooked it up for dinner later in the week, to be mix with other things of course. But he was ready to eat it as is cold out of the container. I stopped him in time to save it for dinner, and he agreed to eat something else. He reminded me of my brother growing up, eating everything is site. It is scary what he can put away in one meal. I need to teach that boy to cook!
Lets see what other stories have come up in the two weeks I have been down. The boys and I are still doing the learning at home in the evenings together. But we have not found a name for these times yet. One week was dinosaurs and then this week are doing health and bodies. I thought it was a good idea with by shoulder being out, and them wanting to know why it hurt but there was no mark or cast on me. But the book we have in headed more in the direction of the 5 senses. But that is good to learn too. Then I find out today that Dathen is doing the skeleton in health class right now too. That seemed fitting. 

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