Monday, May 20, 2013

Waiting in line

So you know when you go to the summer fair and there is the big roller coaster. I mean the BIG one. The one that has been advertised on the radio and everyone is talking about. You walk on to the fair grounds and there it is, you decide "yep I am going to do that!" So you hope on in line. That is where I am right now with home schooling. I am in the waiting line. I have a date to start but need to change my hours at work, the kids are going to finish the year of public school and I am just waiting to all this to fall into place. I have my curriculum, my support groups, and my books. Now I am just waiting.

While in line I am experiencing and seeing a few things. 1- I get to see people getting off the ride and saying how great it was. Home school family's who are close to graduation  or who have graduated a child or two, who always say it was hard but worth it.  2- I am seeing people scream and yell there excitement and worry during the ride. Family's currently homeschooling different ages and different stages. Some having a good day some not always sure of what they are doing.  Some tiered of doing it, and some still excited about it. 3-I see people dropping out of line for various  reasons, like other rides that look just as good, or they feel they can't handle the ride after watching go a few times. These are people who like me wanted to know more and started looking into it. But for one reason or another have decided not to do it. Maybe public school is not so bad, my kids are doing good in it. Its not like the are being bullied or getting bad grades. In face they are both doing great and getting good grades. 4-I hear passer buyers giving there opinion, even if they have not been on this ride and some who have. family and friends always need to put in there two cents. 5-I start to lose my nerve and get more nervous as I move closer to the ride, maybe I am one of those people who can't or shouldn't do this.
The signs at the start of the line are starting to become hard to read. The reasons for doing this are not always clear. There are day I feel so lost and I have not even started! The excitement of it is starting to be replaced with worry, concern, and self doubt.
I wish this line would hurry up or someone would put up so signs to help me wait it out.

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