Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Another day more mind craft

So another day and more mind craft for the kids. This is ok because they are learning, you just have to look for it. Yesterday Kyler was switching back and forth from you tube back to mind craft to find info on how to build things and craft items that he had not seen before. Then his brother asked him to teach him, so he was working on his commutation skills and how to share ideas with a peer. Don't hear of that in a lot of grade 3 class rooms.
 Kyler asked dad last night to show him how to put more then one mod in a world. I don't understand most of what he talks about but he does and he loves it. Right now Kyler is building a farm. Dathen is building a quarry, not a mind a quarry. So if you look hard you can see they are learning.

 Today we also got a new set of books from the education library. That is always fun. Both kids read new books today and I read a quick Christmas story.  We then had lunch and watched an amazing race Canada. I think its a slow (un packed) week with this new mind craft world they have to explore, but some times that is ok. it gives me a change to catch up on things around the house or in my life. I always feel bad by the end of these weeks, like they learned nothing. (this is why I am starting to blog)

 So I am setting a goal for myself right now to let this week be. Let the kids have the computer, next week will be different, and I will see more learning.

I really hope home schooling is the right choice. I think I need to go read my hs books again to assure myself I am not screwing them up.

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