Thursday, November 27, 2014

The day the week fell apart

So we have had a mind craft week and today it feel apart. The kids did there writing and reading then we played Yatzee for math. Went for a walk with the dogs and had lunch listing to vinyl cafe. The kids both jumped on mind craft and I made banana bread. When I called them to come dry dishes the bad attitude showed up. I find this happen every time they get large amounts of computer or junk t.v. time. Kyler turned into a me me me kid and Dathen figures yelling and sarcasm is a good way to communicate ideas. So I took the computer away for the rest of the afternoon. Both went pouting into there room to listen to there books. And I am left alone in the kitchen feeling like the monster. How does that work?
     I need to find an answer. I want them to start self regulating and noticing this mood swing but how do I get them to see it? If I talk about it I feel like I am talking to a rock. They will not answer questions, put up ideas, or suggestions. They both just shut down. Even if I wait a few days. I am trying to unschool more and more but this is a big bearer for me. The T.V. was solved by saying they could not watch "junk" tv unless we all were. We found this does not happen often any more. But computers are hard. I see them as learning tools in some ways and disguised junk brain food in others. Like "veggie chips" they try to pass off as good for you, its still junk food.
     I will let you know if I come up with some great idea to solve this problem but for now I am the anti computer monster with great looking banana bread.

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