Thursday, January 29, 2015


I hate dentist, not like most people who don't like going and say "I hate the dentist" and everyone else around agrees with them. I REALLY hate dentist. From the day before the appointment to the 10 hours after the appointment, its all hell. I have horrible anxiety about the dentist from childhood and it comes out full bloom on teeth cleaning day. Its the one time I have never mastered my anxiety and this make it worse. I beat myself up over the fact at I can not control my anxiety when it comes to the dentist. It seems to be getting worse as the years and cleanings go by. I think I am going to have to go to the doctor to get some meds for it. Not something I really want to do but I think I need to. The kids seem me and I try to explain to them its not the dentist or the cleaning its something I can not control. But I worry that may not be enough to explain it and I don't want to pass it along to them.
     Because we went for out teeth cleaning today we are taking it slow today. We slept in, went to the dentist, listen to vial cafee and then do a little school work. Not a big day. I need to recoup.

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