Monday, February 02, 2015

bucket filling project

Today I am starting a bucket filling project inspired by the book growing up with a bucket full of happiness, three rules for a happier life. I hope to pr read a few pages and think of an activity to do with the kids every day for the next month with them. I came across this book while we where on holidays in Calgary. After feeling not connected with my kids, and the house not running the way I would like, I am going to try this to get back on track. Spending time together only goes so far, and because we don't go to church we need this information another way.
     The kids are having a great learning day. Looking things up for mine craft, and monkey jam (stop animation program). They have done reading and listened to the start of Moby Dick which they can not get enough of. They still have math and chore to do but they can do those on there own while I am at work and they have no activities tonight.
     I have my fist tea tasting party tomorrow. I am scared and nerviness but trying to remind myself that its all just fun and I don't have bills waiting to be paid on this to succeeding. I just want to order some tea for me. Hopefully someone will buy something but oh well if they don't, I have learned lots and am still learning.

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