Wednesday, February 04, 2015

not happy with school

So looking back over the year I am not happy with the amount of school work we did this year. We took a lot of time off and did very little school work. I am more worried about Dathen and this plain then Kyler. I guess I figure I have more time with Kyler to make sure he is caught up. But Dathen has less time and struggles with more. I worry he has not done enough English because he struggles with reading, is allergic to pencils, and hates writing. I worry he has not or little history because we stopped doing it. I worry he has no science because we have not found a curriculum we have liked for that. I hate making him do things he does not want to do. It does not make our time together fun and enjoy able. I want this time to be a good time in his life not one of me yelling and him crying and hating me. But I want to make sure he has the tools to go to school if he chooses or to work productively in what ever field he picks. Right now I need to work on him not being lazy. He writes no scribbles his math out on scrap pieces of paper, he complains about having to get up and get one. He does not want to get up to get a calculator. His room is gross and messy. I can not vacuum in there at all. He has stuff every where. I can live with his room, I just clothes the door, but the rest really bugs me! Getting school work done is a chore and one I am not liking right now. I would rather clean the bathrooms some days then do school with them. I feel like all the other moms got a running start at this, by starting younger then we did. They have time to play around and experiment. I don't. I feel like there is a clock ticking away with Dathen and I am running late like a white rabbit. I have made a coffee date with another home schooler in hopes of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. In the few seconds I talked to her about it to tell her I wanted to meet she explained part of this is FEBRUARY. I hope to learn more next week as how she deals with it and what I can do.

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