Thursday, February 05, 2015


So far so good with the bucket book and making them aware of filling there and other buckets. Still feeling like they are not learning anything. Especially when Dathen has a melt down over the 3 times table today. The 7 times table and his melt down I understood a little more, but 3 times? He should know these, they should not bring tears to his eyes. I worry between his math and reading/writing/spelling skills I am failing him. If he was in PS he would be going to special classes for these things. Not that I want him to have all the feelings that goes with that but he would be with people who know how to teach him these things. Would have the schooling to know what he needs. What I am missing. Oh if I believed in a god today would be a day I needed him. For him to tell me I am doing the right thing and all will be ok. But I don't and so I need to figure this out on my own, or just let it go and hope it all works out. Hope is not as strong as faith, but when that is all you have you have to go with it.
     Kevin is sick with a hernia and I am worried about him. I am not sure how he is doing with all that. But I have not had the time to talk to him about school these days. I kind of miss out time together. By working late, dinner late and him trying to get money worked out and stuff its hard. Maybe this weekend we will find time if he is not to sore.

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