Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Day 3 of the new system

With more day light more seems to get done. The kids are getting up earlier and wanting to get school work done right away. This is great and not so great at the same time. I still get up and do my thing in the morning and am not ready for them until 9:30. That means they have time to fart around and get into trouble before that and at 9:30 they may not be ready to move off the activity they have found to keep them self occupied with and into school. Then I if I say ok lets start early I fall behind in what I need to do or I can not keep track of the time during the lesson and they work to long or not long enough.
I will get this, one day. I am worried about nice weather taking us away from our studies. But it will be what it will be. I started a new book called Take a deep breath you can do this, its all about homeschooling and so far I really like the style its written. I like her voice and what she has to say. My favorite so far was its ok if your gets are just average or even bellow average. This took pressure off me somehow. I don't feel like I need to do better then the school system I just need to do good by my kids and my family. Kev is still a great cheering squad and I love him for it. Sometimes I look at him and wonder what he is still doing here and why is still agreeing to this. But he never wavers and is always willing to help and cheer me on. How did I get so lucky?

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