Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Writing to tear

I am a bucket dipper when it comes to writing with D. He is not a natural writer and does not come by it easily. When we try writing programs we struggle and I dip into his bucket. To understand this you need to know we are reading about feeling buckets and dippers and how it all makes us feel. But the idea is that I am mean and can not seem to stop myself from getting mad at him. Why is this, because I write all the time. I blog, I post, I write short stories. Not that I do anything with any of it but I do it. So why, oh why can the boy who is like me in so many other ways not write? Why don't the words flow out of him? K is working on a story with out being asked to and it is coming along really well. D is killing me today saying he does not know how to answer a question in a full sentence. WHAT?? Yes he does and he does it all the time. I even called him lazy today. Something I hate doing but really that is how I felt, like he we just being lazy. I don't want to call him that but what else am I suppose to think? I know he knows the answer he just does not seem to be able to give it to me. He did it yesterday with out a problem. At lest I think he did. Or did he just manage to get the answer out of me? Maybe like math it needs to be on the computer away from me. But even reading today was pulling teeth. K has been and angle but that is because he sees me struggling with D and knows I can not do both on the same day. He will keep his melt down until D is working hard then it will be his turn.
Kids... they know how to play us parents like fiddles.

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