Monday, March 02, 2015

New day, new month, new scheduled.

So to try and help out we have gone back to more of a schooling feel in the house. I just am not getting over the "my kids are learning nothing" feeling. So DH and I sat down on the weekend, made a schedule and plan and now I am trying to put it to work. WOW this is a lot of work. Not they I did not expect it to be but it take a lot out of me to keep them on track and on task. I also keep getting side tracked with other things, like blogging. I have learned something today, and that is why I have such a hard time teaching writing. Not the spelling of writing or the making of letters, but the composing of writing. When my kids write something and dictate it to me or read it to me I want to change it to my voice, because I think its better. This is not doing them any good. It was like math, because it came easily to me it is hard to teach. I am thinking it maybe one of those things they need to do on the computer, marked by someone else. I also found after reading John Holts book How we are failing our kids that Dathen is very good at getting me to answer the question for him. He knows how to push the right buttons so he does not have to do as much work. I now see this and am going to work really hard to stop letting him do it. Other then all this the day has gone well and I felt like we got lots done. I did not feel like I had to chase the kids around to do stuff or feel like I was always running behind. It was a nice change, we will see how long it lasts. I don't have much hope with the nicer weather coming but only time will tell.

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